Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer (Item No.:36222)

Product details

Our Hygro-Therm is a small, handy and simple to use, digital thermometer and hygrometer. It is perfectly suitable for measuring the temperature and humidity in the terrarium. It shows you whether ideal conditions exist in your terrarium or whether you need to intervene accordingly. There are hardly any limits to its uses. We place importance on accuracy. Our Hygro-Therm is therefore accurate to +/- 0,5° C, +/-3 %. A high quality suction cap allows flexible mounting.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • small, handy and simple to use
  • flexible, due to fastening by suction cap
  • ideally suitable for terraria but also when on the move
  • measures to +/- 0,5° C, +/-3 % accuracy.
  • temperature measurement range: -20° C - 60° C
  • measurement range of rel. humidity: 20 % - 95 %,
  • measurement intervals: 10 seconds
  • battery type L1131C
  • incl. sucker

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