Artificial Decoration

The Frog 1
The Frog

4,5 x 3 x 4,5 cm

Turtle 1

decorative turtles

Trunk Cave 1
Trunk Cave

Tree cave with waterhole

Turtle Island 1
Turtle Island

floating island

Pebbles Cave 1
Pebbles Cave

Pebble look

Cork Trunk 1
Cork Trunk

natural cork look

Coober Rock 1
Coober Rock

Rock formations

Desert Cave 1
Desert Cave

Rock replica

Wood Cave 1
Wood Cave

sensational design

Corner Cave Bark
Corner Cave Bark

removable lid

Bark Hole
Bark Hole

Hiding place

Marble Cave 1
Marble Cave

Breeding and living cave

Comb Cave 1
Comb Cave

Natural hiding places

Sarek Rock 1
Sarek Rock

Sensational optics

Guilin Rock 1
Guilin Rock

with integrated cave

Amman Rock 1
Amman Rock

Rock decoration

Navajo Rock 1
Navajo Rock

Natural rocks

Fossil Rock 1
Fossil Rock

natural look

Arizona Rock 1
Arizona Rock

Eye catcher

Driftwood 3

high-quality processed

Backwall Root 1
Backwall Root

deceptively real

Deco Root 2
Deco Root 2


Stump Cavity 1
Stump Cavity


Bark Cave S
Bark Cave

Tree bark cave