Natural Moss

100 g (Item No.:34174)

Product details

Our Natural Moss is 100 % natural moss for the terrarium in the form of a compact tile. The Natural Moss tile swells up by adding ca. 1.5 liters of tepid water which actually produces ca. 4.5 liters of ready to use moss from such a small size. It is ideally suitable for raising the humidity in the terrarium and keeping it stable over a longer period. Especially those terrarium inhabitants with high humidity requirements appreciate its qualities. Natural Moss has enormously versatile uses whether required to facilitate moulting for snakes and lizards, as padding in the so-called wet box or as a substrate for the deposit of eggs as well as for decoration. Plants also appreciate Natural Moss as it offers a perfect nutrient-rich basis.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • raises the relative humidity in the terrarium and keeps it stable
  • especially suitable for animals with a high humidity requirement such as frogs, salamander, lizards and snakes
  • produces ca. 4.5 liter of finished terrarium moss
  • produced without chemical additives and from renewable resources
  • also suitable as a nutritient basis for plants (e.g.: orchids)

Place the Natural Moss tile in a bucket and add at least 1.5 liters of tepid water. After a short time the moss begins to swell to its fullest volume. Use your hand to briefly press out the amount required.

A wet-box offers the inhabitants the possibility of replenishing moisture. It facilitates the moulting process of the animals and provides cooling on hot days, raises hydration through the skin while also improving the skin environment and as a result prevents skin diseases. This is also used by some genera to deposit eggs. Perfectly suitable as a wet box are e.g. the HOBBY Wood Cave 1 + 2 or thee HOBBY Eckhöhle Bark
Caution: The filling material needs to be regularly changed in order to prevent the growth of mould!

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