Terra Fix & Easy 60

Self-assembly Glass Terrarium (Item No.:36074)

Product variants

Terra Fix & Easy 45

Self-assembly Glass Terrarium

Terra Fix & Easy 90

Self-assembly Glass Terrarium

Product details

The Terra Fix & Easy Terrarium is ideally suited for the permanent housing of reptiles and amphibians and insects, but is also ideal for keeping insects. Regardless of whether for beginners or experienced terrarium keepers, the Terra Fix & Easy terraria offer the right solution for every application. The terraria fit perfectly into any living space due to their modern appearance and timeless design.Also a terrarium system installed in shelves offers the terrarian many possibilities and is visually attractive. The Terra Fix & Easy terrariums offer species-appropriate homes for a wide variety of animals when using the right equipment.At the same time the terrariums themselves are of high quality and impress with their attention to detail. The black tinted side and rear windows are particularly striking.These reduce possible stress of the animals enormously, as the animals feel less observed and safer due to the dark environment. The built-in swinging doors at the front (1 or 2 depending on the model) allow especially easy and uncomplicated maintenance of the terrarium.The serially installed special lock of the terraria ensures that your protégés stay safely in the terrarium and do not get out.The bottom of the terraria is waterproof. As a result, nothing stands in the way of caring for animals that require a lot of moisture or water, such as fire-bellied toads or poison dart frogs.Parts of the side windows are available fitted either with glass or a stainless steel mesh for better ventilation. A drilled hole incl. a lockable cable conduit in one of the side windows makes it possible to lay e.g. tubes of a sprinkler system, cables of a heating mat or sensors of a controller neatly to the side.The bottom of Terra Fix & Easy terraria is raised, e.g. to place a heating mat neatly and protected under the terrarium. It is possible to place bedding up to 8 cm high in the terrarium. This also makes digging reptiles, amphibians or insects feel comfortable. Also the upper part of the terrarium is well conceived. This also consists of a stainless metal mesh and consequently the complete system offers excellentventilation inside the terrarium. In addition, UV rays from various lamps penetrate unhindered through the mesh of the cover and so provide the fosterlings with sufficient UV radiation.The upper part, which is completely removable if necessary, enormously simplifies the cleaning or decoration of the terrarium. There are also 6 completely lockable cable outlets in the upper part, which allow cables and tubing to be neatly laid.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • ideally suited for the permanent housing of reptiles, amphibians and insects
  • ideal terrarium for beginners, advanced users and professionals
  • high quality and attention to detail
  • black-tinted side and rear windows to reduce stress for the animals
  • swing doors for easy maintenance of the terrarium
  • including of a special lock for the security of the protégés
  • waterproof floor for animals requiring moisture
  • variable ventilation design through exchangeable side panels
  • numerous possibilities to lead cables neatly into the terrarium
  • 8 cm depth to floor to ensure sufficient bedding height
  • UV permeable and removable upper section
    Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 45 cm
    Weight: 12.8 kg


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