Terra Check

incl. suction cup (Item No.:36223)

Product details

The Terra Check is a handy and easy to use digital thermometer and hygrometer with alarm function. It is perfectly suitable for measuring the temperature and humidity in the terrarium. A large LCD shows all current values in an easy to read format. So you can see at a glance if the terrarium conditions are ideal or if action is required. The Terra Check thermometer/hygrometer further has a visual alarm which flashes to indicate if the actual values are different from the set values. Since accuracy is important to us, our Terra Check measures with +/- 0.5° C, +/-3 % accuracy. The flexible 3-way mounting with the included premium suction cup means virtually boundless applications. A built-in memory chip prevents data loss due to battery failure.

Product Benefits at a Glance:

  • handy and simple to use
  • flexible thanks to 3-way suction cup mounting
  • ideal for terraria and suitable for other applications
  • visual alarm when exceeding or falling below settings
  • measures with +/- 0.5° C, +/-3 % accuracy
  • temperature measuring range: 0 – 80° C
  • rel. humidity measuring range: 10 – 95 %,
  • temperature setting range: 10 – 55° C
  • rel. humidity setting range: 20 – 95 %
  • measuring interval: 10 seconds
  • memory chip prevents data loss due to battery failure
  • battery type: LR1130 / alkaline


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