Reptix Des

200 ml (Item No.:38003)

Product details

The alternative to synthetic disinfectants!

Reptix Des is a fast-acting cleaning and hygiene product without petrochemical ingredients. Thanks to its hygiene-improving properties, it eliminates bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi. Easy to use and fast-acting, Reptix Des is a must for every terrarium keeper. Benefit from this all-round hygiene spray that allows you to gently clean your terraria! The highly effective solution breaks down into its original substances (water and salt) after successful use and is therefore completely safe for your animals. The mild composition enables gentle cleaning of terraria, drinking bowls and all other objects that come into contact with the animal. Reptix Des is harmless if it gets into the animals' drinking water. This product is made from water and salt using a special electrolysis process without chemical additives and leaves no residue.

Product benefits at a glance: • cleaning and hygiene products for terraria
• fast-acting cleaning and hygiene agent without petrochemical ingredients
• reduces the risk of infection after scratches, abrasions or bites
• mild composition for gentle cleaning
• free from surfactants, preservatives, colourants and fragrances
• without alcohol and pungent odour
• dermatologically tested

Composition: sodium-containing, electrolytically-energetically treated water
Application recommendation: spray on affected areas
Application rate: approx. 5 ml / m²
1 spray = approx. 0.15 ml
Store in a cool and dark place! Store in a childproof place. Do not spray into the eyes.

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