Sepia Crunch

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Product details

Calcium is a very important food supplement for lizards, turtles and other animals. Sepia Crunch (fragments of the dorsal shoulder of cuttlefish) is an optimal source of calcium and minerals for many animals. It is particularly beneficial because the 100% natural calcium is of higher quality than conventional feed lime and is absorbed especially quickly in the body. The rough and hard shell of tortoises and turtles helps to keep the mouth evenly and in shape and to avoid maldevelopment. Cuttlebone is buoyant and can simply be left to float on the surface of the water in the terrarium when given to terrapins and turtles. Sepia Crunch is also ideal for many other reptiles, snails, insects and amphibians. The small pieces can be ingested directly or ground up and served as a powder. This provides your animals with an optimal supply of calcium. It is best to serve the small cuttlebone pieces in a small bowl, such as the HOBBY Bark 1 drinking bowl Sepia Crunch is also excellent for all ornamental birds.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • 100% natural food supplement
  • ideal source of calcium and minerals for lizards, turtles and snails
  • the small pieces can be ingested directly
  • buoyant and therefore ideal for terrapins and turtles
  • also suitable for rodents and pet birds
  • unlimited shelf life when stored dry

Contents: 120 g

Supplementary feed for pets

Feeding recommendation: Always provide your animals with cuttlebone so that they can independently meet their calcium requirements.

Ingredients: cuttlebone, dried

Analytical constituents: Calcium 36%, sodium 0.90%, crude ash 0.40%, moisture 0.3%, crude oils and fats 0.2%, crude fibre 0.10%, phosphorus 0.05%, crude protein 0.05%

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