Cricket Vitamizer

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Product details

The Cricket Vitamizer is the perfect solution for all terrarium keepers who want to give their feeder insects an extra boost of nutrients and vitamins. With our innovative box, feeding is child's play and your animals will thank you with vitality and zest for life.

The Cricket Vitamizer is very easy to use: simply place your feeder insects carefully in the box and add the desired vitamin or mineral powder. Then close the box and shake it gently. Your food insects are already dusted with the powder. The integrated sieve collects the excess powder at the bottom so that you can reuse it. This means not only efficient use, but also economical use of the valuable food supplements. The food animals dusted in this way can then be conveniently added to the terraria through the chute, or you can use tweezers to feed them in a targeted manner. This allows precise control over your animals' food intake and ensures that they receive all the important nutrients they need. With the Cricket Vitamizer, feeding your terrarium animals becomes a stress-free and time-saving experience. Your pets will benefit from the additional vitamins and minerals, which will be noticeable in their health and activity.

Product benefits at a glance:

• easy to use - add food insects and powder, shake carefully, done • economical use thanks to integrated sieve • excess vitamin or mineral powder is collected and can be reused • simply add the food animals to the terraria or feed them with tweezers • ensures healthy & vital terrarium animals and gives them that extra nutrient boost • makes pollination of the forage animals stress-free and effortless

Dimensions of the Cricket Vitamizer: L 8.3 x D 5 x H 15.6 cm

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