Terra Fix & Easy Turm 60

(Item No.:36087)

Product details

Terraria for permanent housing of reptiles, amphibians and insects. High quality and attention to detail are our hallmarks. Black-tinted side and rear windows to reduce stress for the animals. Swinging doors allow a particularly simple and uncomplicated maintenance of the terrarium. A special lock fitted as standard prevents the animals from breaking out. A specially designed lock fitted as standard prevents the animals from breaking out. Parts of the side windows are available fitted either with glass or a stainless steel mesh for better ventilation. Drilled hole incl. lockable cable conduit in one of the side windows. Raised floor, e.g. to place heating mats protected under the terrarium. Bedding of up to 8 cm depth may be placed in the terrarium for burrowing animals. Removable upper section with 6 completely closable cable outlets. Top section made of stainless metal mesh for excellent ventilation inside the terrarium. UV permeable.

Terra Fix & Easy Tower 60 consisting of:

Piece Name
3 Terra Fix & Easy 60
2 Terra Fix & Easy Extensions Set
3 Clamp Lamp Ø 14 cm
1 Terra Fix & Easy Lamp Holder
1 Terra Fix & Easy Wheely´s
2 Terra Fix & Easy Cover 60
3 Power + Heat LED 18 W
3 Hygro-Therm

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